Instead of struggling with bulky grips on dumbbells or weight machine handles, let Rex’s Grips do all of the heavy lifting for you. With my patented design, you will not find any another weight lifting strap that is easier to use that can be used on almost every strength training exercise.

My Grips are Perfect For anyone doing Hang Cleans, Deadlifts And Almost Any Dumbbell Exercise.

I have spent almost FIFTY YEARS in strength training and I personally believe I have come up with a design that is not like any other weight lifting straps on the market. It was born out of hard work and years of experience that you get to take totally advantage of right now.

Below We have a Video That will Allow you to See Rex Putting His Grips to use in the gym. Rex’s goes through various exercises like curls, dead lifting, lat pulls and other exercises demonstrating how easy Rex’s Grips can be used in your strength training work outs.

Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits and features of Rex’s Grips:

  • Soft cotton webbing: This 1 ¼ inch cotton webbing slides easily onto your wrists and doesn’t scratch or irritate your skin during use.
  • Soft leather glove material: The 1.6mm-thick leather found on these weight lifting grips gives you the best gripping ability while still feeling comfortable in your hands.
  • Easy to adjust: No more tying awkward knots! These straps are more easy to adjust with only your hands and fingers than any other grip on the market.
  • Never in the way: These straps stay out of the way when not in use, but since they stay conveniently attached to your wrists, they’re always ready to go when you need them.
  • Made with all organic materials: No more itchy, irritating, synthetic fabric!
  • They can be used on almost any strength training exercise that you currently do


Personal Statement from Rex:

Health and fitness professionals all agree that strength training should be a part of everyone’s fitness program. Whether you are a high school, college or professional athlete, or if you are simply an active individual, strength training is important. Like cardiovascular training, you should participate in strength training to feel good about yourself, improve your appearance and increase your stamina so that you can do activities you enjoy, rather than just sit on the couch in front of the TV.

I have seen many beginner, intermediate and advanced strength training enthusiasts alike injure themselves in the hands, wrists and forearms due to improper weight lifting. But with Rex’s Grips you can protect your muscles and relieve most of the stress in the hand area keeping you injury free.

This strength training equipment is just as important to a strength trainer as a good pair of shoes is to a runner! The patented design and materials of my weight lifting grips have many advantages over the current competition. By exploring my website, you’ll quickly understand the differences between Rex’s Grips and standard wrist straps for lifting, and how my grips outdo the competition.

Beginners Should Start Proper Weight Training Techniques with Rex’s Grips

If you are new to strength training and aren’t quite sure if you need lifting straps or not, then I assure you my weight lifting grips are a must have. They allow you not only to protect yourself from possible hand, wrist and forearm injuries, they also give you that extra grip assistance when using free weights, weight machines or ropes. Check Out My Article On Beginners Using Rex’s Grips.

You Need Rex’s Grips, Even If You are an Advanced Weight Lifter

Now, I’m speaking directly to those of you who have worked out for years and for those of you who train to compete in body building or any kind of strength training event. You all know that putting in a quality number of reps and sets in your routine can wear and tear on your body, especially your muscular endurance.

For exercises like dumbbell shrugs, dumbbell lat pulls, pull ups, dead-lifts and Clean-Jerks your grip is everything to the effectiveness of the exercise. If you lose strength in your grip in these exercises you miss the whole effectiveness of the exercise itself.

With my grips you’ll be able to support the weight and focus on the real muscles that you want to target by having the grips support the weight and allow you to focus on your target muscle group during the exercise.

This is the beauty of the grips folks, they are easy to use and they allow you to extend the number of reps and sets you normally would not get by not using straps in your strength training routine. I do talk further about this in my article Advanced Uses Of Rex’s Grips.

Rex’s Grips are a Must Have for Personal Trainers

As a personal trainer, there are even more reasons for you to use lifting straps. First, you work with weights more than the general public, so the odds of getting a pulled muscle injury are far higher for you. By using properly fitted straps, you can help prevent many kinds of injuries in your hands and arms.

Secondly, the way you perform your own workout serves as an example to those you train. By teaching and exhibiting proper lifting techniques, you will also prevent injuries in your students, who will want to use the same wrist straps for lifting that you do.

What’s Next?

Make Sure you watch the video above on this page so you can see my grips in use. Check Out The Company History to find more about me. Use my contact page if you want to ask me any questions about the product or have other questions that you are curious about. Lastly, feel free to head over to my order page here to see what the product options are that would fit you bet.