How many of you have a pair of lifting straps you almost never use and are sitting around collecting dust?

I realize that all of you know what weight lifting straps are supposed to do for your workouts and strength training.  I also know that most, if not all of you, have one pair of your basic ten dollar lifting straps sitting in the bottom of your gym bag. Come on now, be honest! We all have done it.

I also realize that you probably use straps on a few exercises and are satisfied with the results! Imagine how much more successful your routine would be if you could use lifting straps on all of the weight lifting exercises, increase the number of reps and sets that you currently are doing and with more ease.

This is the point EVERYONE IS MISSING!

weightlifting strapsIf you are using a weight lifting grip device on a 1-2 of your exercises, you are missing out on huge gains in your strength training workouts. This is probably the biggest point so many people miss! Don’t be one of them and keep reading.

With Rex’s Grips ease of use, you can literally use it on any exercise that involves a bar or dumbbell. You don’t just need them for shoulder shrugs or dead lifts. You can use them for bicep curls, dumbbell bench press, triceps curls and lat pull downs for example.

By adding the straps you are adding extra grip to the whole exercise, control and most of the time you, are able to do more reps than you normally would . That is the whole basic principal in gaining muscle right? You want to continually be moving up in weight and reps in your exercises to develop more strength and muscle.  So, you have to ask yourself, why wouldn’t I use weight lifting straps on all my exercises?


Traditionally you see people using weightlifting straps only for doing heavy dumbbell exercises. While this is absolutely a great use for them, you really are not seeing the big picture. With Rex’s grip patented design, you can easily use my grips on almost every single exercise you do in your workout.

I can boldly say this because I have been doing this for the past twenty five years as well as many others who have trusted my grips.  I go in great detail showing you the various uses of my grips here at  how to use my weight lifting straps page.

You see anytime you are using a dumbbell, barbell or weight lifting machines with handles you can use my grip. Why? Simply because it fits loosely around your wrists and is easily adjustable. This is where I just flat out beat the competition period!

Use Them For Walking Lunges

Here is another great example on how they can benefit you in an exercise you probably don’t use them on and you should. Let’s do walking lunges with dumbbells or let’s talk about doing one legged step ups on a box with dumbbells. Adding the dumbbell provides added weight and resistance to the exercise, but it is not the focus or target muscle, the legs are.

When you are using 20-25lb plus dumbbells your arms and hands generally get tired before your legs do and you end up not doing as many reps as you really could have.  When you use my straps, you get the added grip and control allowing your hands and arms to relax more, which in turn allows you to carry the weight longer and really do the amount of reps you should be doing in the first place.

My Unique Design Separates Itself From The Competition

With Rex’s Grips you will have that chance to find out!  My weight lifting grips are not bulky and are small compared to other strap designs.  My Grips can easily fit into a shirt or pants pocket or on your weight lifting belt.  Rex’s Grip is a patented design and is different than anything on the market!

My design allows better hand and finger control and wrist support because my product fits on the back of the hand instead of 360 degree around the wrist.  The soft leather “V” enables you to freely use your fingers to grip the weight lifting equipment giving you the best control compared to my competitor’s weightlifting straps.

Rex’s Grips worked for others and myself for over twenty five years and are different than anything you have used.  Trust me and let them work for you!

Watch Rex’s Grips in action as he shows you  how much better you can perform with his weight lifting grips instead of your current weightlifting straps.

You can view more information Click Here To Order Your Grips and read more testimonials from people who have purchased my products.