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They are purchased as a set of 2 grips and come in the color below. My grip is priced for everyone at $19.95 plus shipping & Handing. Please choose your size below and click the buy now button to order Rex’s Grip.

To measure your wrist use a flexible paper or tailor tape measure. Measure 360 degrees around your wrist joint (metacarpal joint). Snug up the tape measure to get a very accurate measurement. Don’t over tighten or compress the skin.

Rexs Grip

Sizing Chart (wrist measurement)

  • Small – 6 1/2’’ or less
  • Medium – 6 5/8’’ to 7 5/8’’
  • Large – 7 3/4’’ to 8 3/8’’
  • X-Large – 8 1/2’’ or larger
Size :

 $19.95 Plus S&H



If you use gloves and really want to continue to use them , measure around your wrist joint with the glove on and order accordingly. Gloves really are not needed. Rex’s Grip covers most of your palm and fingers that come in contact with the equipment being used.

Remember this:

Before you purchase a set of Rex’s Grips, realize that you will need to use my strap for at least a month to experience its full impact on your workout, as there is a learning curve.

Return policy:

We will refund only for defective product. If you feel that you have received a defective product, please feel free to contact Rex using our Contact Us Page.