Have you ever considered that lifting straps could mean the difference between success and failure for each of your customers?

lifting strapsAs a personal trainer, you want your clients to remain your customer for a long time and get the most out of each and every workout, right? Did you know that a simple weight lifting grip might mean the difference between your clients succeeding and failing in achieving their fitness goals?

I personally do a lot of pushing and pulling exercises during my workouts. I want to get as much done in the shortest time possible as you will want to maximize your time with your client.  Alternating a push and a pull exercise is a great way to maximize your time with your client while at the same time it will allow one muscle group to rest while you are working a different muscle group.

Dumbbells, for example can be used for all muscle groups of the body.  Most of the time you can use the same weight for all your muscle groups without putting the dumbbell down. With regular lifting straps, you would have to completely readjust the strap every time you wanted to switch an exercise or go from free weights to a weight machine and back again.  That’s a lot of hassle, and it takes precious time out of your workout! This is the last thing you want to do with your client’s time as they are most likely paying you by the hour.


Rex’s Grips Never Have To Come Off!

But with Rex’s Grip, there’s no readjusting involved at all. Simply slide my straps over your hand onto your wrist and you are ready to go! As you flow from exercise to exercise you can use them when you need them and never have to take them off because they don’t get in the way and you can easily slide them out of the way. This is extremely important as your client is moving from exercise to exercise. You will find that your client can use them on almost any exercise they do. In the event, they don’t need it, they can just slide the strap up and it will be out of the way to do the exercise. That is the beauty of Rex’s Grip! They are smaller than any other weight lifting strap on the market, easily adjustable, you don’t have to take them off and Rex’s Grip stays out of the way when you don’t need it.

Why Rex’s Grips instead of other Competitor Straps?

My product is patented which means it is different than anything else in the world!  My design allows better hand and finger control with enhanced wrist support because my product fits on the back of the hand instead of 360 degree around the wrist.  The soft leather “V” allows you to use your fingers for the most comfort and best control compared to the competition lifting straps.  Your customer will be able to concentrate more on correct form and will be able to do more reps with more weight with less chance of injury.  Adding Rex’s Grip will give you added credibility to your client as you are looking out for their own safety and also giving them an invaluable tool to help increase the intensity and overall effectiveness of their workout.

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