What Are The Most Frequently Asked Questions About My Grips

Are there other companies that sell weight lifting straps?
There are really only four active weight lifting strap designs being sold that are designed to be placed around a handle or bar that will help protect your wrist and hands from stress. One design is a basic weight lifting strap 18-22” long that is wrapped two to three times around the object being grabbed. This design is very time consuming to get into and very hard to adjust. The patent on this product ran out many years ago and is still being manufactured by many companies under various names. They truly are a pain to use and I would not suggest the weight lifting strap to anyone.

The next two patented designs are functioning designs, but both have some major drawbacks. Compared to Rex’s Grip weight lifting strap, both are very bulky. They both use a heavyweight polyester fabric with velcro and a buckle along with a neoprene rubber pad that you place around your wrist and secure. If you are doing an exercise that does not require the use of the strap you must move the strap out of the way using your other hand, then back again with your other hand when the strap is needed. Rex’s Grip fits very loose around the wrist and can easily swing to the back of the hand and out of the way when not needed.

What makes Rex’s Grips weight lifting strap better than the competition?
Can I wear gloves with Rex’s Grips weight lifting strap?
Should I remove Rex’s Grip between exercises or sets?
How do I know which is the correct size?
What exercises do you recommend or use when you workout?
What about the Fit? How can I tell I have the right size or if I am adjusting them too tight or loose?
Should I clean my Rex’s Grip weight lifting strap?