Who Is Rex Dwars And How Did I Get Started?

I am Rex, a 64 year old man with a great idea to create my own weight lifting straps! An idea I believe in so much that in July of 2006 I got a patent for (#US D525,3235) for my weight lifting grips so that I could share this awesome tool with everyone!

I fully believe from the bottom of my heart that my weight lifting straps can enhance your current workouts and I made them for all skill levels.

I started strength training when I was 14 years old and I have won numerous natural body building titles (N.A.N.B.F.) here in Iowa since 1998. I lived in a small town called Rock Springs, Wisconsin and I was bussed to a school eight miles away in Reedsburg.

The varsity football coach at the local school was also the physical education teacher for school in Reedsburg. There were a number of older kids that also lived in my hometown that were bussed to the larger school. Reedsburg high school was made up of about 50% city kids, the 50% rural.

The football coach/phys-ed teacher wanted to have locations in the rural areas for kids to also have a place to strength train outside Reedsburg. I was one of the better athletes in my 8th grade class, so the coach gave me about 125 pounds of free weights, a weight bench and a straight bar to share with the other kids in Rock Springs.

Starting with this set I continued strength training through high school and into college. I attended a small college and played on the college football team for three years, graduating in 1973.

The Birth Of Rex’s Grips

In 1977 I used my first weight lifting straps. It was your basic lifting strap that was wrapped around the wrist and bar a number of times. It was not easy to the weight lifting straps, nor is it easy today. You take forever to get both weight lifting straps secured. This exact same product is sold today by multiple manufacturers as the patent has expired.

During my training over the years, I have seen the benefits of a “gripping device” or weight lifting straps, but no design out there is easy to use. After experimenting for about 30 years with strength training workouts, I have developed my own straps which I call “Rex’s Grip”, and now I am making it available to YOU!

I really hope you try my weight lifting straps because you will not regret it!