Do you find yourself having trouble holding onto weights?

Do your wrist and hands get tired when doing strength training?

If you are doing strength training with free weights, machines or other types of weight lifting equipment, you are not getting the most out of your workout!

What if I told you, that these problems would be less of a problem by using one simple piece of equipment?  Rex’s Grip, a new patented product that could be called a “weight lifting strap or weight lifting grip”, are the answer to your weight lifting problems.

As a patented product, Rex’s Grips are different than any other fitness gripping device in the strength training industry.  My design allows better hand and finger control along with better wrist support than all of the competing lifting straps on the market! Competing straps are more bulky and more restricted in movement making them harder to use.

Rex’s Grips are the Perfect Addition to Your Workout

As a beginner, your first thought is probably to keep your workout as simple as possible.  Adding more equipment might not seem as though it would benefit your goals of losing weight or gaining muscle.

rexs grip weight lifting strapIn reality, using  lifting straps is the best way to make sure your strength training workout fulfills all of your goals you are trying to accomplish. You still have to grip a bar or handle, but you don’t have to use the “death grip”, which puts a lot of strain on your muscles. This means you cut down on the risk of getting injured, which may frustrate you to the point of giving up altogether. Which is absolutely not what we want. We are here to help and Rex’s Grip will absolutely do that!


Rex’s Grips Don’t Get in the Way like other Lifting Straps

At first glance, you might think all lifting straps might be cumbersome during your workouts.  But that’s one of the main differences between my design and all the other weight lifting straps. Rex’s Grips fit loosely around your wrist or hand and they are never in the way, but always ready to go when you need them.

These matching weight lifting straps fit right into your pocket and are not bulky at all compared to all of the competition. I keep Rex’s Grips on my wrist all all times during my strength training workouts and never feel like they get in the way at all.

Want to see even more proof how Rex’s Grips will help you you in your weight lifting workouts? Then you need to watch this video right now! I do a live video showing you exactly why my weight lifting straps are far superior to any of my competitors.

If you rather cut straight to the chase and purchase my weight lifting straps, you can